About the ICWQC

The International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee or for short ICWQC; is the international regulatory body, subject to the International Confederation of Wizards, that oversees international Quidditch competitions. It is responsible for locating suitable venues, arranging transport for sectators, providing policing for the games themselves and arranging referees.

The rulebook concerning both on-and-off pitch magic is nineteen volumes some of it can be found here: rules.

Quidditch World Cup Qualifying

Participating countries are split in to sixteen separate leagues. Each team plays all the other teams in their league twice over a four-year period.

A win earns two points. In addition to these two points, a win by 150 points earned five points, by 100 points an extra three points and by 50 points an extra one point. A tie earns one point.

The sixteen best teams decided by points per game (PPG) qualify for the World Cup knockout round. PPG are calculated by dividing the points by the number of games. If two teams are level on PPG, they are separated by whichever team captured the Snitch most often, or most quickly during their matches.

The Quidditch World Cup Tournament

The tournament proper is straight knockout. The sixteen qualifying countries are ranked according to their PPG. The team who has the most PPG played the team who has the least, the team who earned the second most played the team who has the second least, and so on. This theoretically allows the two best teams from the qualifying phase to meet in the final.

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